Middlesex is a leading edge supplier of products for automated assembly and factory logistics. Conveyor based assembly platforms and conveyor based work in progress dispatch systems.


Our equipment is specialized for clean manufacturing such as medical devices, fine mechanics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, disk drives and automotive instrumentation.


Historically, a scientifically oriented company (established in 1968) with participation in Aerospace Research, followed by diversification into manufacturing of statistical process control systems for high volume production environments, assembly automation and semiconductor factory logistics for work in process.


A developer of new technologies for automated assembly, the company's products enable the builders of assembly automation to simplify and speed up machine building.


A leading edge supplier of factory logistics systems. Our work-in-process lot transport and management systems are based on queuing theory, assuring the maximum efficiency of work distribution. This technology surpasses all discrete vehicle distribution methodologies in cost, throughput and process equipment utilization, and is gaining industry wide acceptance.


The company manufactures and sells turn key installations, or discrete components. Continued developments assure leadership for our products.


The three Middlesex companies, placed strategically in Asia, Europe and USA, assure prompt and expert field support of the product.