Middlesex Industries is a product of the Boston High technology university environment. It grew into its present commercial technology through cooperation with that environment.




Middlesex Welding Company developed Helium-Arc welding techniques under MIT direction





As Middlesex General Industries conducted aerospace test projects under MIT contract.





Development of RF sputter systems for high temperature silicon carbide semiconductors under the MIT-NASA contract.



Entry into solutions for optimizing manufacturing. Commercializing and marketing of automated statistical process control for manufacturing.



Development and marketing of manufacturing and logistics software and hardware. First production of conveyor infrastructures for work-in-process material dispatch.



First application of conveyors as infrastructure for the ultraclean environment. Use of queuing theory dispatch logistics.



First semiconductor factory ever built on conveyor dispatch, transporting wafer lots direct tool-to-tool, on a unified logistics network. 10 years ahead of all other technologies of today.



The largest ever factory for production of Hard Disk Drives.

Manufacturing uses all Middlesex conveyor equipment.


Nextgen conveyor

Advanced development of conveyor based dispatch of work-in-process continues at Middlesex, while it also made available for use by competition, to help develop a large supplier base for our customers.