Polysilicon manufacturing

Middlesex’s material handling systems can transport polysilicon chunks throughout the complete life cycle from the chunking process, inspection, sorting, and final packaging.  These products can be conveyed with our standard class 10 clean room grade automation material systems via pallets, totes, boxes, and cassettes.  Middlesex’s conveyors allow for factory wide automation of the material utilizing the floor and ceiling space.  
Existing systems can be improved upon, where as new facilities can build the automation into the building footprint.  A turnkey approach will include the design, installation, operator interface, software, and final factory acceptance.  Buffers and storage loops may be integrated into the layout to provide sufficient buffering between processing areas.
With our worldwide manufacturing, service and sales centers, we are never too far from our customers. We are ready to serve you as a turnkey system supplier and beyond, a total on site manager of your factory transport system.




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