Hard disk drive

Middlesex has pioneered the application of roller conveyors in the manufacturing of rigid memory-disk data storage systems. Roller type conveyors served the industry with ever increasing requirements for cleanliness and low electro static environments. IBM, one our of our customers, has been the leading edge developer of disk storage technologies, and Middlesex has served their efforts, throughout the years, as world wide partner and sole supplier of conveyor transports.

Today, the high density storage technology requires ever increasing clean, static free environments. With a Middlesex turn key installation we guarantee these. Customers may depend on our expertise and experience. Our conveyor network serves as a transport and buffer link between process cells, sequences the work in the cells, and stores work in process where required. The conveyor specific control and dispatch system manages cell operations and work flow. Weather you choose minimum cycle time or maximum utilization for the manufacturing site.

With our world wide manufacturing, service and sales centers, we are never too far from our customers. We are ready to serve you as a turn key system supplier, and beyond, a total on site manager of your factory transport system.

2.5" and 3.5"

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