Automated Material Handling Systems and components for clean manufacturing

For more then 45 years, Middlesex Industries has been leading the development and application of clean room conveyor based material transports and dispatching in the factory. We have a large experience base to draw from (more then 40,000 meters of conveyor installed and 300,000,000 carriers moved), and an unsurpassed technical staff to assist in the development of new applications. To help you in the development or evaluation of a conveyor based factory transport system, our engineers are available on your site or in home facilities around the world.


Middlesex produces a variety of automated material handling systems for clean manufacturing.  


  • For 300 mm semiconductor wafer formats: Conveyor inserts into monorail vehicle systems. These conveyor inserts are plug and play into existing vehicle control systems, with SEMI standard interfaces, for the seamless transit of the carriers across conveyor and vehicle domains. Their application significantly increases individual and collective vehicle utilization, while providing additional freedom of movement for dispatch systems. Factory capacity is increased.
  • For 200 mm semiconductor wafer formats: Factory wide pure conveyor networks. These include total control of the logistics with an MCS (Material Control System) for the conveyor domain. Significant improvements of Factory Operating Characteristics are achieved. Work in process amounts are reduced, and storage requirements minimized, while factory throughput is significantly increased.
  • For disc media manufacturing of all formats: factory wide, disc cassette based, pure conveyor networks. These conform with the ever increasing requirements for data density and thus manufacturing cleanliness. with its embedded miniaturized controls the conveyors are of low profile to fit process equipment.
  • For clean room manufacturing of pharmaceutical, medical devices, etc: stand alone, carrier (pallet) based, conveyor systems. These are high speed clean, static free, low vibration conveyors.